Mission Statement
Our mission statement is “Sharing God’s Love Through New Life In Jesus Christ”.  We strive to live this out through Evangelism, Prayer and Authentic Relationships.

Core Values

Faith church has developed a set of Core Values that drive who we are.  We are not a perfect church, but we do see the need to be passionate and focused around a number of things...

1. Christ-Centered
We are intentionally focused on Jesus Christ as the center of our ministry so that Jesus’ love, mercy, grace, truth, purity, power and integrity will shine through us.

2. Biblical
We believe Scripture is the final authority for truth and the rule of our faith. Scripture transforms lives when it is understood and applied both personally and corporately.

3. Relational
We believe that a Christ-centered community consists of ongoing, authentic relationships where all people experience a loving, encouraging, forgiving, and trusting environment.

Prayer is absolutely essential in our life with Christ. Because we believe human wisdom and ability is limited, we will immerse ourselves, our families, the leadership and ministries of this church, and our world in prayer.

5. Evangelistic
We commit to build relationships with people who do not yet know Christ as their Savior and invite them into a personal relationship with Him.

6. Stewardship
We believe that everything belongs to God. We will use our God-given time, talents, possessions and money for His Kingdom.

7. Worship
We are a worship-immersed church and out of our brokenness we respond to God’s grace by loving and praising God with our whole lives, holy and pleasing to Him. We do this both individually in our daily lives and together as the church.

8. Discipleship
We are committed to the continuous growth and spiritual formation of every Christian in biblical knowledge, wisdom, stewardship, service and their relationship with God.

9. Culturally Relevant
We believe that the gospel message (the gift) is timeless and unchanging but that the presentation (the wrapping paper) must be tailored to ensure that the audience hears and receives the message. We will remain faithful to the reformed foundation of our faith but will not permit tradition to prevent us from communicating the gospel in culturally relevant ways.

10. Every Generation
“We are committed to vibrant ministry for every generation”.

11. Gospel Responsibility
With a holistic understanding of God’s kingdom, we carry the responsibility of bringing redemption to the poor, oppressed and broken-hearted in our community and throughout the world.