September 22, 2023

Dear Faith Church Members,

The time to offer suggested nominees for the 2024 Consistory is here. The congregational meeting will be held in December with time and date to be determined.
We will elect one administrative elder (Clerk of Elders), one global missions elder, one local missions elder, and one care elder. We will also elect two deacons (assistant chair of deacons and assistant facilities deacon) for the 2024 Consistory. If you would like more details on these consistory positions, please let us know.

Please suggest people who are gifted to serve in these areas of ministry. The deadline for suggested nominees is October 15, 2023. This allows you three weeks to prayerfully consider the people you believe are gifted to lead Faith Church.

Please give your recommendations for each of these offices using the Biblical mandate for those serving in leadership (spiritual giftedness as your guiding principle). They are to be committed to Christ and his church.  They are to set the example in serving, leading, and giving. Please prayerfully consider individuals who have a heart for God and have a desire to help lead Faith Church into the coming years.

Below are links to eligible members and the nomination form.


This list of eligible members names the members that are eligible to be nominated for Consistory. Eligible Members2024

This link will show the Online Nomination Form. You can nominate two members for each open position.

There are also printed forms available in the Sanctuary or you can download and print one here: Consistory Ballot2024 Nominations are due on Sunday, October 15, 2023.