Covid Relief for Brazil is our Mission of the Month for March

By April 16, 2021July 1st, 2021No Comments

Although the impact of Covid-19 has lessened significantly here in West Michigan, the virus has continued to pose serious challenges in other places around the world. One of the current “hotspots” is Manaus, Brazil and the Amazon region in general. Faith’s global mission partners, Thiago and Lia Dantas, are on the ground in Manaus, responding to the Covid crisis. We encourage you to read their latest newsletter HERE and continue to pray for them and their community. For our March Mission of the Month, we invite you to give financially as well. All funds raised will go directly to the medical teams there, to help provide needed resources both in Manaus and for the medical riverboats serving remote villages along the Amazon.

This offering will be received on March 28 or can be given throughout the month on our website,, by choosing GIVING, and then select Missions under the Fund menu. Here is a LINK.