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Faith Church Mission Scholarship Fund

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Faith Church has an account set up to assist those going on mission trips. To apply for this scholarship download the form below and turn it in to the office at church.

To provide financial assistance to encourage Faith Church Members to participate in short-term
mission work.

Must be a member of Faith Church (regularly attending Youth Group members will be considered).

Administrative Guidelines

  • Mission Scholarship Applications are available in the church office. The application may be dropped off in the church office.
  • The Senior Pastor, a consistory member who is currently on the Missions Committee and one additional member of the Missions Committee may approve financial assistance up to 50% of the total cost of the trip.
  • Scholarship assistance will be granted based on an assessment of individual need, motivation, and available funds.

Will occur through missions budget and special fundraisers/offerings

Accountability – The Finance Committee records approved gifts and monitors fund balance. Decisions for giving are made by the Senior Pastor and Mission Committee members as described above.

Mission Trip Scholarship Application

OPEN THIS LINK to complete the scholarship application