Sharon Overzet Scholarship

By April 27, 2021No Comments

We are excited to share with you a scholarship opportunity for graduating seniors who attend Faith Church and/or the High School Student Ministry. This scholarship is in honor of our dear friend and long time youth leader, Sharon Overzet.

For those of you who never had the opportunity to meet Sharon, she was something special. A smile comes to our faces whenever we think about her, because she was always smiling or laughing, and often doing something that made everyone laugh. Those of us who have been involved in youth ministry over the years alongside of Sharon, all have a few funny stories that we could share. But one thing that stands out just as boldly as her laughter was intentional prayer life. When she prayed, it was always from the heart.

Sharon’s humor and her priority to prayer are just two of the many characteristics that our beloved friend possessed. And those, along with her gifts of empathy, inclusion, and bravery throughout her fight with cancer, are the cornerstones of what this scholarship is based on.

Sharon was someone who greatly impacted many lives here at Faith Church and within her community.

This scholarship is intended for students who are choosing to attend college, mission opportunities or are in pursuit of any dream outside of high school.

Please fill out the application provided HERE by April 30. A student will be chosen by June 30 to receive a $1,000 scholarship for their continuing education or future plans.